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Helping loved ones know what you want most.

Care.Fully is a values-driven digital health directive that helps adults be seen during life's most vulnerable moments. We are on a mission to help you and your loved ones feel confident when navigating the journey of care.

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About Care.Fully

Care.Fully provides a personalized way to safe-keep and communicate your wishes centrally so loved ones can understand your values and make decisions the way you would've wanted. This helps your care team recommend and provide options that best respect your wishes. We also understand that what you want now may change later on, so our directives are updatable and focus on your personal values to cover you in unexpected situations.

We're here to walk with you...

The thought of receiving care can feel overwhelming and far off. To make sure you're heard during life's most vulnerable moments, we help doctors and loved ones get to know your values while respecting your personal privacy and independence. We do this by guiding you through a series of activities to document and safekeep your thoughts and wishes now, so you and your family can have peace of mind.


We want to get to know what matters to you and hear stories of people in your life that makes you tick. That way, we focus on letting your care team know who you are as a person so they can make the best recommendations.


We help you put together your preferences while knowing life has uncertainties so you can change your answer anytime. It's saved in our centralized system so you don't have to worry about misplacing it and your care team can access it anytime.


We encourage you to share not just your wishes, but also your stories and provide tools to communicate with your loved ones. We serve as a digital repository of your thoughts so loved ones can always read your personal notes to them as a way to start the conversation.

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“My Mother suffered from Alzheimer. We went back and forth so many times. It's hard to make those decisions."

Lorne, a son from
Ontario, Canada


"Being a family caregiver dramatically changed how I planned for my future. It empowered me to make sure I had a health directive. My children are in college and they know how I would want things. If I died today, I wouldn't be a burden on other people."

Heidi, a mother & caregiver in Chicago, Illinois

"Aging is very personal...what we've thought about being old, is not what actually happens."

Jones, a mother in
Miami, Florida

...and you're not alone.

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